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Stray Cat Blues

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"Stray Cat Blues" is the eighth song on the Rolling Stones' album Beggars Banquet. It was written by Mick Jagger andKeith Richards and produced by Jimmy Miller. Miller's production of the song is very representative of his style, featuring a very prominent hi hat beat, droning piano performed by Nicky Hopkins, a mellotron performed by Brian Jones, all electric guitars (including slide) performed by Richards and vocals from Jagger kept even in the mix. According to Mick Jagger [1] the song was inspired by "Heroin" by the Velvet Underground. The intro of Stray Cat and Heroin are similar.
The song is told from the perspective of a man lusting after having sex with a 15 year old groupie, reasoning that "it's no hanging matter, it's no capital crime."
A live performance was captured during the Rolling Stones' American Tour 1969 and released on the 1970 live albumGet Yer Ya-Ya's Out! but, unlike the studio version, it is very slow and mellow sounding. Additionally, the lyrics are more provocative as the girl's age was changed to 13."

Mick Jagger: New Bio Claims He Hooked Up with Bowie, Nureyev...and Eric Clapton?


JULY 10 2012 8:04 PM ET

Legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has long been regarded as a notorious ladies man, but a new biography claims he's also been intimate with late bandmate Brian Jones, David Bowie, Rudolf Nureyev, and, excuse us, Eric Clapton, as well as an attempted tryst with Geraldo Rivera.
Entertainment Weekly offers a run-down of the revelations — some such as the Bowie liaison have been the subject of gossip for decades— in Christopher Anderson's bio of the 68-year-old musician, Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger. These include Jagger and late legendary ballet dancer Nureyev "playfully trapping journalist Geraldo Rivera in the middle of a sexual sandwich at a party; Rivera claims that this was Mick’s serious attempt to seduce him."

                                                Page with 13 year old girlfriend
Led Zeppelin were notorious perverts. It is well documented by their former Road
Manager Richard Cole that they preferred 12 and 13 year old girls and that Jimmy Page was heavily into S and M. It is reported that he kept up to 20 underage girls held against their will as sex slaves over the years in Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is the World's # 1 collector of Aleister Crowley writings, even purchasing and living in his house! Crowley was a notorious Satanist, pervert and drug addict calling himself the "Great Beast 666". He is the God of the Rock Star idiots especially Page. Page openly had a relationship with a 13 year old Lori Mattix who stated in a filmed interview she had ALREADY LOST HER VIRGINITY TO DAVID BOWIE before meeting Page. Page had specifically asked one of his goons to arrange a meeting.

In the mid 1970's Bowie was severely addicted to cocaine and believed that Jimmy Page was a sorcerer trying to destroy him. In the world of Satanic cults, this is normal behavior.

Bowie and Sephirotic Tree of Life (Kaballah), mid 1970's. He is in a state of cocaine psychoses.

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy record cover - outer and inner sleeve showing naked children being offered up for sacrifice. Really sick stuff. Try pointing this out to these brain dead headbangers. What good did any of these Rock Stars ever do? They turned several generations into drug addicts and mental cases.

Blind Faith album cover 1969 feat. 13 year old girl holding phallus. Guitarist Eric Clapton was living with 16 year old Alice Ormsby-Gore (daughter of former U.S Ambassador) at the time. Clapton turned her into a life long drug addict and she eventually committed suicide. She claimed in a later meeting with Clapton that Clapton ruined her life (from Clapton's autobiography).
Drummer Ginger Baker was a practicing Satanist (Order of the Golden Dawn) degenerate drug addict, abuser of his family and general all round horrible excuse for a person. As usual, these cool rock and rollers basically destroy everyone and everything in their path.

Eric Clapton and 16 year old Alice



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Ed: This is a post I had sent to me and I thought it was excellent so I am posting it here. I added the title, Saturn sigil (hammer and sickle) and Communist flag. Illuminism (SATURNALIA) is Communism.

"The glyph for SaTurn is comprised of a cross with an elongated bottom (T), and a backwards S connected to the bottom.

*ST ,,, can be expressed hieroglyphically as $ symbolizing the serpent and the T, the cross or the tree of life. It is the life (serpentine) force pushing thru the growing point, threshold or “site”. Through the pairing of the S and T strongly accents foundation, the “seat of consciousness. Set, the oldest Egyptian god, forms the basis of all other gods, and being so basic or low he is considered evil.

I’ll add that originally the crucifix was represented by a cross with a serpent on it. The body of Jesus on the cross came much later… We are into primal stuff here, and Saturn is the one who held the boundary to the universe as we knew it for 1000’s of years…

Linguistically, SaTurn = ST.

ST words abound with SaTurnine meaning. Here are just a few:

SaTan, STructure, STatus, STate, conSTriction, conSTruction, STern, SeT, STone, STuck, STand, resiST, teST, STasis, sySTem, STabilize, eSTablish, eSTate, STandard, cryStalize, STress, conSTant, STiff, obSTinate, liST, STrain, STrict, STatement, etc…
How do you give additional STructure to our number sySTem? With ST, of course. We measure things againST the firST (1ST)  and the laST. How do you give STructure to countries? With STatutes of STate. STructure urban geography? With poSTal STreet addresses, How do you SeT something in memory? STudy it! Give STructure to a process? With STart and STop.

We even have a part speech built around the ST of SaTurn.

Adjectives describe things—SaTurn defines the outer limit of things. It is the limit of our sensory perceptions.

Big, bigger, biggeST, Hot, hotter, hotteST, Many, more, moST, ect…

 All adjectives have a comparative and superlative form. The superlative form is the limit. You cannot get any colder than the coldeST, ST is SaTurn, It is the limit!"

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Just listened to Stephen HARP er Prime Minister (HEAD PRIEST) of CAN ADD UH talking about CAN UH DUH'S "ALL LIES" allies? AL EYES (A.L - YEAR OF THE LIGHT)  and the need to build a bigger Police (much ice) State apparatus controlled by Isis Ra El and basically fight their war for them because, after all, they are poor, persecuted Satanists who need to kill and enslave us all to fulfill their religion.

Oh the shooter is a MUSLIM.... the second this WEEK!... The Government (to govern mente - CONTROL THE MIND) must DO SOMETHING!!! Like destroy freedom and make us slaves to these disgusting alien freaks.

He's got three names as usual and from that old MKULTRA MIND CONTROL CENTER Montreal....

Hmmm... I wonder if this was a DRILL? Every other shooting , bombing, etc. seems to coincidentally be accompanied by a 'drill' to do with the same event!! It's amazing the coincidences! It so happens that those friendly ISRAELIS are usually in charge of the drill!!! Thanks guys!!!! 


These are my basic tenets - the 'Conspiracy' as I understand. Look in index for related articles.

The high adepts of the Secret Societies (collectively known as Freemasonry) refer to themselves as 'Illuminati' in their own manuals and writings. To be illumined you must be of proper bloodline or an outside "useful idiot".

Freemasonry according to themselves is Kabbalah.

Kaballah is an ancient mystical system originally brought out of Egypt to Babylon and then to the West by the 'Jews'.

There is ONE Political Party in the World - the NAZIS. 


The WW11 NAZI leadership were ZIONIST JEWS.

NA -National Socialist

ZI - Zionist

Virtually everything people believe are complete lies invented by these Psychopath Pedophile Priests and Rabbis.

People are being systematically dumbed down so as to pose no threat for the final culling. 

Quantum Physics is Kabbalah. 

Those who will be allowed to live will serve as cyber slaves to the Jewish Oligarchs having been manipulated with RFID and nano technology (transhumanism).

The Illuminati's main goal is IMMORTALITY by merging with MACHINES.
Another is the extermination of 90% of the World's population - the "useless eaters" and the destruction and technological recreation of Nature IN THEIR IMAGE.

This will be brought about by 'natural' disasters (HAARP) and bacteriological warfare disguised as 'viruses'. Mass vaccinations will weaken immune system to kill quicker. Immune system already under attack with Monsanto 'food' - POISON.

Everything the Illuminati do they first broadcast it via CODES planted in movies, sitcoms, cartoons, commercials. They literally OWN the MEDIA, the BANKS, the CORPORATIONS who all use Masonic symbols.

The English language was devised by Francis Bacon (Shake A Spear) and the Knight of the Helmet (sound kind of gay). 

English language is a MASONIC CODE.

You SPELL words because they cast a SPELL. That is why they call it the INTER NET (inter in a net) and the World Wide WEB. It is a global surveillance system and they are telling you!!!

If you don't "get it" then tough luck, "we told you, dumbass".


Most of the leaders in the 'Conspiracy' and 'Truth' Movements are AGENTS of the ILL (Illuminati)

They tell a lot of truth to gain credibility and trust and then DROP A TURD IN THE PUNCHBOWL - you know, ALIENS, REPTILIANS, JESUITS, on and on 

Aliens are PSYOPS. All 'UFO'S' are MAN MADE. All abductees are MKULTRA Mind Control Victims. 

There is an aggressive campaign on part of the EL ite to make the pub LICK believe through MEDIAN SORCERY (Media) and HOLY WOOD.


There is no such thing as a 'JEW". 90% of the Jews are KHAZARS from Southern Russia. It is a SATANIC MIND CULT - The bi BULL code says "those who say they are Jews and are not" - there will be a REAL HOLOCAUST not the fake one from World War Whatever. The sacrificial blood of the many insures the success of the few at the top.

The spraying of CHEMTRAILS containing conductive materials - aluminum, strontium and barium plus nanofibres in the skies is done to CONSTRUCT A SCREEN FOR THE HOLOGRAMS OF RELIGIOUS FIGURES AND ALIEN SPACESHIPS and to make the humans who  have breathed this stuff become antennae coupled with their cell phone and have a UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE AS WE ALL BLEND INTO 'ONE'. 

There are 56 HAARP Mass Mind Control and Weather Control facilities in the World linked up as well as hundreds of satellites ready to deploy the Alien Light Show! 

There was once a global, highly technologically advanced civilization at least 12,00 years ago. Great cataclysms either man made or natural wiped most of them out. That is why the Egyptians, Sumerians and others started at a high level of technology, they had some knowledge left over.
Artifacts made of steel or plastics would be long ago disintegrated.

the HOLE e bi BULL is a Masonic Code to do with communication with Saturn. Saturn is the GOD OF THIS WORLD. The bi BULL is the BUSY NESS plan of the EL (SATURN) ite.

The Kabbalah (SATANISM) is the computer language of the MAINFRAME which is the planet SATURN.

Our world is probably a holographic projection and all SATANIC (SATURNIC) ritual and especially sacrifice deals with supplying energy to the computer. 

CERN has 666 prominently displayed on its logo with a large statue of SHIVA THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS AT THEIR FRONT DOOR!!! The purpose of CERN is to OPEN A STARGATE or the GATES OF HELL as 'prophesised' in their bi BULL. 


Saturn keeps us locked in space/time = DEATH - born in SINE WAVE or SIN. The symbol of this hidden knowledge is the SNAKE which MOVES EXACTLY LIKE A SINE WAVE.


Note: There is nothing inherently wrong with a hexagram or pentagram, the fact is that these sigils have been hijacked and used for nefarious mind control. This article is a hypothoses based on a number of 'coincidences' that cannot be ignored. Thank you.

Photo: Cassinni 1999 photo of the Hexagram (a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional cube) on the North Pole of Saturn. Naturally the Hexagram was 'discovered' in 1999 which has 666 inverted.

Photo: The All Seeing Eye on the South Pole of Saturn.

The Kaballah reduces God to numbers...because their God IS a computer! Kaballah teaches that math is the language of God! The language of computers is math.

The flag of ISIS RA EL (Israel) has the Mark Of The Beast - 666. Isis is the female aspect of Saturn while Ra and El are Egyptian and Phoenician names for Saturn. The Unholy Trinity? Is the hexagram is the doorway to Hell
(H EL l), the 'Heaven' of the Satanists.

Saturn (God of the Jews) is a giant supercomputer that controls time. Man is "born in sin" because sin is a sine wave which represents time. Because we are in time we will grow old and die and then the cycle repeats itself. 7 is the number of completion and eight is the octave, represented as the infinity symbol, where the cycle of time starts over, repeating in finite ly, not forever but in finite time.

The God of the Universe is eternal. Man is cut off from God, bound in this 3D cube called reality that is a superimposed program, or matrix. Time and Space = DEATH.

Saturn is represented as a hexagram and/or a cube. Saturn rules Time, Law and is the Roman God of Harvest (of humans, whose blood and souls are the food source through orchestrated wars).

The Demon Seed who rule the World call themselves the ELite. They rule through their language - you 'spell' words, i.e. cast a 'spell'.

The English language is basically a Masonic (Kabbalistic) code. The ELect, the ELders, ELohim (GODS), use ELectritricty (the ELect) to create their Jew World Order. 

If you go against the Current (flow of the EL power) you get ELectrocuted or CHARGED by the POL ICE (much ice). You are now arrested (are rested), not flowing with the CURRENCY (current sea) - MONEY - You are ON ICE, FROZEN, unless you 'PAY BAAL' , or 'PLAY BALL' , (play with balls - join their faggot club) - the God of Saturn. If you don't "GET BAAL' you go to jail, where you j(ail) suspended in time, on ice, getting "three squares a day" (the CUBE).

Their God is Saturn, and TIME IS MONEY. and MONEY IS THE GOD OF THIS WORLD. Money is based on GOLD, one of the colors of Saturn, the others being BLACK and PURPLE, or, VIOLET (violent, ultra violet rays, ultraviolent).  Purple represent the Androgynous Fallen 'Angels'.

BLACK GOLD (oil) fuels the Whole World, everything is made from it.

Purple represents ANDROGENY. One of the goals of the Psychopathic Murdering Pedophiles (ELite) is to create an androgynous being. The future surviving 'humans' after the coming purge will be Androgynous Transhumanoid Drones, mostly Chinks. 

Red is Time, Blue is Space. When you mix the two you get Purple, the color of androgyny.


The White Race is targeted for extermination. That's right, the Jew hates you, Saturn told him to kill you and they must obey. This is the MAIN reason White countries are now held hostage by hordes of Third World invaders dazzled by our 'culture' (something that grows in bacteria) and shopping - that's right, they are run by their women too,. They will rape, torture and kill every White skinned Darkie loving liberal they can find. Help will come in the way of United Nations troops who will be friendly Africans and West Indians who will encourage and enjoy the festivities. The Gooks will collect on their debt owed to us on the collapsed dollar by taking over all of our resources with the U.N to back their Promissory Notes. Most of my White brethern now are so totally brainwashed, fat and stupid to raise their head out of the Jew poison (entertainment) for a moment.

The World is being totally destroyed systematically, by design. There's still knuckleheads screaming about 'Global Warming' (hoax) while military tanker planes are spraying our skies with aluminum and nanofibres (Chemtrails). They are turning the entire atmosphere of the World into a giant antennae. This will work in conjunction with CERN and the over 50 HAARP facilities around the World which beam frequencies into the upper atmosphere. This technology is patented to transmit thought waves, voices, create huge holograms, control the weather, cause hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes. HAARP has been implicated in many "natural disasters".

The Saturn Jews believe in "Order out of Chaos" written on the Talisman dollar bill - the Phoenix that rises out of the ashes of its own immolation. Their Messiah is a political figure who kills all non Jews. This is why it is the Jews behind virtually every evil in the world. Jesus called them "Liars and Murderers from the beginning".

Photo: That's Baphomet in the middle, with heshe's boobs covered up - Freemasons worship this Androgyne symbol of Saturn. This is why you have butch, aggressive women and prissy faggot men now. 


Saturn in Corporate (corpse) logos (knowledge)

In other words, Jew run Monsanto are stockpiling DNA and seeds and will work with the other Jews to destroy all life on the surface of the planet and recreate it with their technology. This is written in the Old Testament (the Old Test). Think HP Gulf Disaster and Fukishima, which is destroying all life in the whole Pacific Ocean! Next will be a 'disaster' at CERN which will "open the Gates of Hell", in other words the demons that the ELite love so much and summon in their sick rituals will be "broken outta jail", the cube that God bound them in that sits under the Antarctic. Cern will open the pit. Hell Freezes Over no more.

Something Strange Under Antarctica?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 14:44

A 10+ page public forum is now having an in depth discussion over what the forum moderator is calling ‘something strange being activated under the ice of Antarctica’. Our forum mod claims to be a geologist sent to Neumayer Station in Antarctica to study ice core samples. His introduction to this topic is summed up as below and discussed much further in depth in the newly released video report below. Surprisingly, this claim may have more credibility than one might think.:

About 2 weeks ago we started hearing rumors that strange microwave transmissions were being detected. Eventually it was discovered that these transmission were coming from about 100 feet below the ice about 15 miles from the station. An expedition was sent to that location to investigate the area. What they found were not only microwave transmissions, but also radioactive activity as well as a tremendous amount of heat originating below the ice which was melting the ice.

This is when it all got really strange. Within days a team was sent from the US with heavy earth moving equipment. It was all classified and only a few members of the station are privy to was going on. That team and their equipment was sent to the location probably to dig up whatever was under the ice. About 4 hours after their team and equipment went to the site they all came back. There were 18 of them and 7 of them had to be treated by our doctors for some sort of radiation poisoning.

What is more disturbing is the look on the faces of those team members as well as the look on the faces of the few guys at the station that are in the know when they returned. They all look like they saw a ghost. Totally scared and acting erratic.

Now this are is totally off limits to us an is being guarded by the US military. Rumor is another team from the US is coming to resume the investigation from the Army Corp of Engineers.

The discussion of whatever may or may not be under Antarctica begins at approx. the 30 second mark in this video


Superman, or Saturn Man, Notice the Snake Symbol/Sine Wave
The Cube of Saturn, our 3D prison matrix, is related to ice, as in ice cubes. Everywhere shitheads are doing the "Ice Bucket Challenge" ritual, dumping ICE CUBES over their heads in baptism to Saturn.

Here's Rapper (That's a Wrap) ICE CUBE...

The Jews should come up with Country Rap, or, Crap!!!!

Quantum mechanics is Kabballah. The Twin Towers are Time and Space, the gateway to 'Heaven'.  

Notice the Muslims worship Kaballah, sorry, Allah? They march around a Saturn Cube called a Kaballah, sorry again, Kaba.... at their MOST HOLY SITE reenacting the counter clockwise cloudstorm on Saturns hexagram. Just a coincidence.

Storm on Saturn and Hypercube Worship.

Cern is actually performing RITUAL MAGICK.

Jesuits - started by a Spanish Illuminati Jew

CERN logo = 666

The symbol of knowledge throughout the ancient world was the snake, or serpent. This is not symbolic of the disinfo "Reptilians" but a symbol of TIME. The snake eats its tail, the program repeats.

A snakes movements even approximate a sine wave. Take the sine wave and turn it sideways... voila...time is money! 

Red and Blue. The SINe Wave and COSIN wave. If you do not have good credit (gone into slavery to the Jews) you need a COSIN wave, or CO SIGNER.

The Inter NET or World Wide WEB was developed by CERN. We should have conCERN and disCERN what the PsychoPedoGoofs and their followers (fall lower) are doing.

When you type a domain address ( a dress) you type www. W is the 23rd letter of the Alpha Bet. 2 x 3 = 6. WWW is 666.

You plug into the ETHERNET. The Ether is where the dead and spirits reside. The cathode ray tube was developed by Thomas Crookesto communicate to the Spirit Realm. Crookes was a member of the Theosophical Society and The Golden Dawn. Tell EL Vision was the result, the most powerful hypnotic tool devised, completely run the the Satanic Kikes. All the logos of the Tel EL communication companies are using Saturnian symbols and language. Telus, Bell Apple

Firefox. Fire engulfs the World. FOX is 666 numerologically. FOX NEWS anyone?

Named after Bill Gates' penis, Micro soft employs the 4 cycles of life contained in the cube prison. Green is infancy, yellow is youth, blue is adulthood and red is old age. We are being exhorted to "THINK GREEN" because we are "IN THE RED" -  to harness our psychic energies (and pocketbooks) to reboot their Satanic system. It seems the EL ite must manually reboot the system as the days of SATAN are few.

The Compass and Square of Freemasonry (crypto Jews) is the Hexagram. The X at the top is also a symbol of Saturn.

X BOX 360. 3 + 6 = 9.
It is signalling the reboot of the Saturn Mainframe - going 'Green" heralding the New Golden Age, in other words all the same crap all over again.
Saturn Sigil and Harvester. Cross and SIN wave.

Game (GAY MEN) Cube

The Cube opened...

The INTER NET (to inter, imprison in a net) is connected to Saturn via the Moon. The Moon is a hollow sphere probably gyroscopically powered.

Here are some quick facts that anyone can go over to explain how we know that the moon is a giant ARTIFICIAL body:

1. The moon rotates at the same speed as it orbits earth which is why we see the same side of it all the time
2. The m
oon is positioned perfectly so that it perfectly eclipses the sun
3. The moon’s orbit around earth is almost perfectly circular and not elliptical as would be normal for most orbits

4. The moon rang like a bell when the spacecraft landed on it (a sign it is mostly hollow)

5. All craters (except for the really small ones) go down to the same depth regardless of diameter, a sign that some impenetrable artificial surface exists below the moon dust

The Moon's diameter is 3500km

The Sun has a diameter of 1,4oo,000km
1400000 divided by 3500 = 400
So the Diameter of the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon,
The distance of the Moon to the Earth is 375000 km
The distance of the Sun to the Earth is 150,000,000 km
150 million divided by 375000 = 400
So the Sun is 400 times further away from the Moon so they appear to be the same size and have TOTAL ECLIPSES.
The Moon rotates at a rate to the Earth that we only see the one side.

Just a coincidence.

Saturn is the Mainframe Computer, the Lord of the Rings.. The Crystals (not ice) that form the Rings create TIME as they spin. Remember, God is TIMELESS and ETERNAL.

Although the MATRIX movies are loaded with Masonic mumbo jumbo programming, they must "Save Zion", they might just be more real than we imagine. What if our reality really is a pre programmed virtual world? It seems that the Zions must reset the Matrix, and fast, or we may wake out our slumber and ruin the program.