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The preparation of humanity for the New Age involves psychological and physical warfare in the form of spectacular crimes and events that, filtered through the IIluminised media, have a ritual occult and initiatory effect on the populace - Jack the Ripper, the first atomic bomb blast, the JFK assassination, the Apollo moon flights, the Manson murders, Son of Sam, John Lennon’s murder, the Unabomber, Princess Diana’s murder and 911, to name a few.

Occult initiation disguised as 'entertainment' can be found in popular books, movies, television and music. Just by being plugged into the mass media, you are bombarded with occult indoctrination and propaganda. The criminal becomes the hero and the goyim thirst for more spectacular crimes. What will THEY do next? If the devil was real and walked among us, people would think he was a pretty cool guy! This is what the New World Order Cryptocracy are counting on – a public so depraved that when the mask is eventually dropped altogether, as is their plan, their “revelation”, the occult-initiated public won’t even recognize their bare-faced evil and the opportunity to overthrow them is gone forever. The veil is never lifted again.

The shadowy ones who pull the strings are pretty certain of their victory . However, as the song says, “What goes up, must come down”. Perhaps the Order know they are doomed to failure. What is built by man with God-like conceit must eventually fall. But they prefer the Whorehouse of occultism, death and degradation to obeying natural law.

“If there be somebody now, which on the other side will complain of our discretion, that we offer our treasure so freely, and WITHOUT ANY DIFFERENCE TO ALL MEN, and do not rather regard and respect more the godly, learned, wise, or princely persons than the common people; those we do not contradict, seeing it not as a slight and easy matter, but withal we signify so much, that our Arcana and secrets will no ways be common, and generally made known. Although the Fama be set forth in five languages, and IS MANIFESTED TO EVERYONE, yet we do partly very well know that the unlearned and gross will not receive nor regard the same; as also the worthiness of those who shall be accepted into our Fraternity are not esteemed and known of us by man’s carefulness, but by the Rule of our Revelation and Manifestation.” - Rosicrucian Manifesto, 1615, emphasis added.

In the 1600’s there appeared three pamphlets anonymously distributed throughout Europe, the Fama Fraternitatis, Confessio Fraternitatis and The Chemical Wedding. In these tracts a very wealthy and influential group called the Rosy Cross (Rosicrucians), who practiced alchemy and preached One-World Despotic Communism revealed their plans to destroy Christianity and put their 'Lion' King on the throne of the world. What is most compelling is that they spell right out their system of magic (alchemy) and brag about their plan to control the world!

Today the Cryptocracy tell us what they’re doing to us through movies like The Matrix, Videodrome and Wag the Dog that act as modern-day Rosicrucian Confessios where They push the buttons and thumb Their noses at us. In this Age of Revelations, the game '2(00)1', chance' or 'truth or consequences', the possibility of exposure of their crimes being avenged by an outraged public increases dramatically as do the odds of their success. If a sufficiently Masonically-indoctrinated (debauched) public fails to respond - it is taken as consent - collusion from Roman Law– consent being the ultimate form of control because you’ve voluntarily given up your freedom to your slave masters. You’ve become Illuminised to the point of no return, a slave who knows he’s a slave. As the Talmud says “He who does not act is an accomplice in the act.” This is the riddle in the Making Manifest of All That Is Hidden – the revealing of secrets at the right moment - confessio. In the end it acts not to give the public the means to overcome them but to demoralize and thus enslave them. A slave who knows he is a slave is the best slave of all.

“Now there remains yet that which in short time, honor shall be likewise given to the tongue, and by the same, what before times hath been seen, heard, and smelt, now finally shall be spoken and uttered forth, when the World shall awake out of her heavy and drowsy sleep, and with and open heart, bare head, and bare foot, shall merrily and joyfully meet the new rising Sun”.

“The entire march of time reveals what is hidden, yet also does it hide what is revealed”.

“There is nothing that will not be revealed, and nothing secret that will not be brought into the light”.

“Indeed it is clear that all things are created principally by fire”.

“ And although at this time we make no mention either of our names, or meetings, yet nevertheless every one’s opinion shall assuredly come to our hands, in what language so ever it be; nor anybody shall fail, who so gives his name to speak with some of us, either by word of mouth, or else if there be some lett in writing”.

“And this we say for a truth, that whoever shall earnestly, and from his heart, bear affection unto us, it shall be beneficial to him in goods, body and soul; but he that is false-hearted, or one greedy of riches, the sane fist of all shall not be able in any manner of wise to hurt us, but bring him to utter ruin and destruction”.

- From the Rosicrucian Manifestos, 1615.

The Works of William Shakespeare were written by Rosicrucian Francis Bacon and a group of men he assembled called the Knights of the Helmet. 'Shakespeare is part Revelation of the Method – tales of conspiracy and occult secret societies - part culture creation and part indoctrination.The Greek Gods Apollo and Athena were 'spear shakers'. William is WILL - I AM. Je Suis (Jesuits) is French for I AM. I AM is the Gnostic/Luciferian doctrine, that God is evil and Satan is good. I AM - GOD! Shakespeare was an actor whose works were published in the early to mid 1600’s after his death. He was a commoner but wrote like a Royal! 'Shakespeare's' contains many teachings and codes. Shakespeare's plays were designed to be the culteral basis of the people that would inhabit Francis Bacon's 'New Atlantis' - a high tech Utopia that would bring "enlightenment" to the world.

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