Saturday, March 20, 2010

THE GOD MACHINE - Gold, Oil and Drugs

copyright 2003 Robert Livingstone

The global trafficking of drugs brings in enormous returns for the hidden government. From the Opium Wars to the heroin and crack epidemic today, the controllers use the cultivation and importation of opium and coca as a means to a) reap huge monetary returns to fund Black Ops b) occupy foreign lands and c) provide “safety and security” (a police state) to their citizens. Lesser criminals are sacrificed but the real movers walk between the raindrops. George Bush (Skull and Bones) and Bill Clinton (Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission) were two of the major players in the crack cocaine epidemic. Under direction of George Bush, Oliver North arranged the biggest cocaine deal in history, as revealed to an amnesiac public during the Iran/Contra affair of the 1980’s. Bush and Co. are doing on behalf of the Queen to Americans what their ancestors in Skull and Bones did to the Chinese in the 19th century – destroying and subjugating them with drugs and laughing all the way to the bank.

Bush was head of the CIA when the Americans backed the Indonesian invasion of East Timor where over 200,000 of its people (about a third of the population) were murdered. Bush invaded Panama as one of his first acts as President to put the ‘drug dealing’ CIA backed Noriega behind bars and to restore 'democracy and freedom'. What they really did was bomb the shit out the place, murdered thousands of people, put thousands of others in concentration camps and installed a puppet dictator roundly hated by a majority of the people. Saddam was a CIA asset and friend to the American government. He was given assurance by the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq that if he took back Kuwait (a former part of Iraq) the U.S. would not intervene. Within a few days Saddam was the “new Hitler” (Bush) and the usual atrocity propaganda was disseminated to the brain dead public to justify more bloodshed. When the Iraqi troops left Kuwait under promise by Bush that they would not be harmed, the Yanks massacred over 100,000 of them. During the Gulf Slaughter hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed and economic sanctions imposed by the U.S in the ensuing years caused the deaths of over a million more Iraqi men, women and children which by the same token further strengthened the “New Hitler’s” control of Iraq.

Ronald Reagan was almost assassinated within 3 months of becoming President. John Hinkley Jr. was the son of one of George Bush’s closest friends - in fact the Bushes and Hinkleys were neighbors in Houston! Bush had dinner with Hinkley’s parents the night before the shooting. Inter-generational mind control.
The founder of Skull and Bones (the Brotherhood of Death) Charles Taze Russel was the biggest opium dealer in the world. China was subjugated by addicting 80% of the men to opium. The ships that carried the opium from Turkey to China flew the Skull and Bones flag. The pirates were British agents.

Skull and Bones was incorporated as the Russel Trust in 1832 and is to the present day.

The second biggest supplier of opium in the world today is Afghanistan. Wanna know where the next war (imperialist invasion) is? Just follow the flow of oil and drugs.

The Serial Rapist Coke-snorting Slick Willy Clinton was governor of Arkansas when most of the crack was brought to the U.S through Mena Airport. He also sold tainted blood taken from prisoners giving thousands of people who received blood transfusions the deadly Hepatitis C. His payoff? – the Presidency. Behind Bill Clinton and Hellary is a long line of corpses dying under suspicious circumstances, but, as usual, everyone manages to walk between the raindrops.

The American public have no idea how truly dangerous and bloodthirsty the Bush patriarchs really are. However if they vote for them they deserve all the misery they get as they watch their jobs being sent to China and their boys and girls shipped off to die for Israel, Shell, Zapata, Heroin and Cocaine. Remember you can vote in your executioners democratically. Continue to do so, suckers. (Oh, just an update. Bush’s opposition is John (“I just found out I’m Jewish” – 2002) Kerry, also from Skull and Bones. Which would you like, Skull or Bones?)

The trillions of dollars brought in every year through the illegal drug trade finance the 'Black Ops' - the secret space program and the building of vast underground facilities where the 'chosen' will find safe refuge during their planned 'Apocalypse Reality Show'.

The Windsors are at or near the top of chain of command in the World Drug Trade which includes other major players like Henry Kissinger, George Bush, the Rothchilds, the CIA and Mossad.

The Illminati are notorious bisexual child molesters. They operate a worldwide pedophile ring trafficking thousands of children for sex for pleasure and for murder in snuff films and occult rituals. The largest white slavery ring operates out of Israel where HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of East European and Russian teenage girls have been forced into prostitution and pornography. In the United Snakes, the kidnappers are a CIA unit called the Finders. Bisexual “Sex Magic” is a key component of the higher degrees in the Brotherhood. The Blue bloods and Elite Khazar ‘Jews’ share a racial superiority complex over the stupid masses who are just cattle or goyim, expendable as a swatted fly. If you don't use your God-given brains then you are no better than an animal to be herded and slaughtered.

Ted Gunderson is a former Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles unit of the FBI and has documented this pedophile ring quite extensively. John De Camp, former Senator and Attorney published the Franklin Cover Up about this abomination. Names like George Bush Sr. and the smirking, brain-damaged 'W' Junior and other major politicians (poly is many – a tic is a parasite – many parasites), lawyers (liars), businessmen, entertainers and media moguls were implicated. The wealthy and famous were buying and selling children at auctions for the purposes of pornography, satanic rituals, rape, torture and murder.

An article on the cover of the Washington Post appeared on July 26, 1989. It read as follows:

"A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by District and Federal authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Bush and Reagan administrations, military officers, congressional aides and U.S. and foreign businessmen with close social ties to Washington's political elite, documents obtained by the Washington Times reveal. One of the high profile clients was so well-connected, in fact, that he could arrange a middle of the night tour of the White House for his friends, on Sunday, July 3rd of last year. Among the six persons on the 1 a.m. tour were two male prostitutes. One former top level Pentagon official said that for the past eight years, military and civilian intelligence authorities have been concerned that a 'nest of homosexuals' at top levels of the Reagan administration may have been penetrated by Soviet-backed espionage agents posing a male prostitutes, said one former top level Pentagon official…. In addition to credit card fraud, the investigation is said to be focused on illegal interstate prostitution, abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion, extortion, larceny and related illicit drug trafficking and its use by the prostitutes and their clients".

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was started by these 'elite' degenerates to smear the literally thousands of children and adults who tell the same stories about the same people. Over 300 children described being raped, beaten, forced to eat feces and used in satanic rituals by politicians, professional athletes and movie stars at one pre-school alone, the famous McCmartin case of the 1980’s. They described being taken to an underground tunnel system beneath the school for these disgusting purposes and later excavations confirmed this fact yet the perpetrators are alive and well, laughing in your face.

"and the goyim sit transfixed, wondering what They will do next, waiting for the next scientific (alchemical) miracle or spectacular new revelation live on CNN.” …

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