Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Photo: Monarch Mind Control Victim Michael Jackson gives 666 hand sign. Jackson was vilified in the media and ritually murdered for going against his programmers.

The True Meaning of '666'. In Occult Numerology, or, Gematria, all numbers except 11 are reduced to a single digit. 6+6+6 = 18. 1 plus 8 equals 9. The number 9 is considered the number of man in a bound state of base, ego consciousness without the ability to ascend. This is because when you add any number to 9 the result will always the same - example 9 plus 5 equals 14. 1 plus 4 equals 5. The same for multiplication. When you multiply 9 by any number you get 9. Example 9 time 8 equals 72. 7 plus 2 equals 9. This is symbolic of man stuck in ego, 'beast' consciousness, unable to ascend, change or move, always ending back at the place he started.

Don't worry though, there's hope, you can become a freemason, study the 'secrets'  and ascend to a 'higher level' of deception and be one of the 'illuminated'.


  1. 11 means ALLAH they said that it will be occure equal to 9 except 11 so 1 means ALLAH they escape everything from everyone except ALLAH..

  2. There are ten sephira on the tree of life, Kaballah-the 10th being Kingdom, or Godhead, so 11 is also about bypassing God, going above GOD

  3. the real number of the beast is 616

  4. 9 is as well judgement, there is some space to turn around but it will end up in 9 as judgement, even Satan will end up there. And if you use 9 as alphabet as follow
    1x9=9=A, 2x9=18, 3x9=27=C etc.
    And then put in; JESUS,GOSPEL.CROSS,LUCIFER. You get 666.
    This 4 are the members from the Judgement, the Wrath of God to the unbelievers and Satan. 666 on the court to 9. 6+6+6+9=27. 27=2+7=finally 9. Or 6x666=5994. 5+9+9+4=27 again and again 9.