Saturday, June 1, 2013


Photos: Kirk battles Reptilian, Jordan Maxwell and Sitchin Masonic handshake, having a laugh at a job well done for their Masonic Masters.

The so called 'Truth Movement' - organized opposition -  is organized and led by DISINFO AGENTS. They have you debating over Fallen Angels, Reptilians, Greys and so on.  Study Psychological Warfare, Predictive Programming (I have many articles here exposing 'alien abductions, etc...)

The underlying theme of the Movement is to 'prepare' (brainwash into believing) humanity for the 'New Age".

“The Sirius Mystery” written by Robert K.G. Temple (to Rob the Knights’ Gnosis from the Temple ?) profiles the Dogon (Dog Star) tribe in Africa who supposedly talk of amphibious beings (half human, half fish) from Sirius who gave them civilization. I haven't read this rubbish but I have read some of the exposed frauds like Sitchin and Von Daniken who push this alien nonsense. People are so unfortunately gullible they actually believe this dreck.

Virtually every time I talk to someone about anything of a 'conspiratorial' nature, they assume that I must believe in aliens. They are quite surprised that I don't! In fact the latest stats show that over 60 per cent of the Western public believe in aliens!!! The 'Awake'  people think I'm nuts because I don't believe it! 

Show me ONE, just ONE major Conspiracy Researcher who DOESN'T push this alien nonsense. Hmmm?

Look at David Icke with his New Age bullshit, there is no such thing as reality, it's all an illusion, a 'matrix', no such thing as morality, etc..., therefore ANYTHING GOES so you can get the sheeple to believe ANYTHING, including Reptiles from the Stars!!! The MAIN IDEA  is to MAKE HUMANITY BELIEVE IN ALIENS. They present their secret technology (UFOS) as ALIEN in origin. HA HA HA!!! It's not a network of Masonic Faggot Pedophile Psychopaths, it's Inter dimensional Two Legged Crocodiles!!!

Basically every major 'Conspiracy Researcher' is a DISINFO AGENT pushing the Alien Agenda - they present real provable facts and then send it into the realm of Science Fiction - the totally debunked Zechariah Sitchin (Hebrew University, Mossad Agent? Hmmm?, Freemason, total and absolute liar) Michael Tsarion (an extremely arrogant asshole, follows the MI5 fraud Aleister Crowley) Jordan Maxwell (real name Russel Pine, Freemason, spokesman for the Pleadians, the 'good' aliens)) Freeman (hippie says Paul is Dead ha ha and Michael Jackson paid to Time Travel to Ancient Egypt, calls David Icke "a saint"), Richard Hoagland (the face on Mars clown, claims to be a "scientist" but has no credentials as one - he is such an arrogant liar it is astonishing) and the hilarious comedian David Icke (gets his 'info' from a "voice" that comes to him) and so on. Aliens are REAL and if you don't believe it you are STUPID and as Icke says you have "the brain of a pea". If you don't believe this easily refuted crap you " have the brain of a pea" Ha Ha Ha!!! All of the above totally follow the Sitchin/Erik Von Daniken fairy tales about lizard spacemen. Oh and there's Jim Marrs too, on the New York Times bestseller list says it's Sitichin's Annunaki and NAZIS!!! Ha Ha Ha !!!

These dupes are willingly or unknowingly pushing the NWO agenda.

'Conspiracy' Research unfortunately attracts the weirdo types who need to believe in something fantastic, it makes these losers feel they have some 'special knowledge' so they can feel important. I've had these nutcases want to physically attack me because I tell them about their delusions.

The whole World is CLINICALLY INSANE!!!!!


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